Department Research Information


Research Centers

Department of Physiology faculty direct and/or participate in a number of leading research centers both on and off the UCSF campus. Among these research centers are:
UCSF Center for Integrative Neuroscience
The Alcohol and Addiction and Research Center

Core Faculty Research Interests

Kaveh Ashrafi, PhD - Fat and Feeding Regulatory Circuits

Michael Brainard, PhD - Sensory Stimuli Driving Neural Change

Loren Frank, PhD - Learning, Memory and Plasticity in the Rodent Brain

Emily Goldberg, PhD - Immunometabolism

Walter Gonzalez, PhD - Neuronal dynamics controlling adaptive behaviors in mice and birds.

Lily Jan, PhD - Neural Circuits

Yuh Nung Jan, PhD - Neural Circuits

David Julius, PhD - Elucidating molecular mechanisms of touch, pain, and neurotransmitter action

Yuriy Kirichok, PhD - Electrical Signaling at the Mitochondrion in Health and Disease

Zachary Knight, PhD - Neural Feeding Circuits

Igor Mitrovic, MD - Physiology and Biomedical Science Education

David Morgan, PhD - Biochemistry of the Cell Cycle

Massimo Scanziani, PhD - Neural Circuitry of Higher Brain Functions

Michael Stryker, PhD - Development and Plasticity of the Cortex

Kevin Yackle, PhD - Breathing and other central pattern generators