Mitrovic, Igor, M.D.

Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

Postdoctoral Research, University of California - San Francisco
Postdoctoral Research, Loyola University Medical School
M.D., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Dr. Igor Mitrovic received his M.D. from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia before becoming a faculty member at UCSF in the Department of Physiology. His research endeavors included neurobiology of addiction and pain at Loyola University Medical School in Chicago, and UCSF, respectively. Dr. Mitrovic is responsible for the physiology curriculum across the professional schools for UCSF (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Program in Physical Therapy) and serves as the Physiology Theme Director for the School of Medicine. In addition to his service on a number of UCSF committees, he is also a member of the Admissions Committee for the UCSF School of Medicine. Dr. Mitrovic has mentored many UCSF students, postdoctoral fellows, residents and junior faculty; he believes teaching to be his calling, and deeply values the importance of proper guidance and mentorship in the development of an aspiring healthcare professional or scientist.

Over the years, Dr. Mitrovic has received numerous teaching awards as a teacher in the School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine and School of Dentistry including Long Awards in the School of Pharmacy, Excellence of Teaching Awards in the School of Dentistry, Kaiser Teaching Award in the School of Medicine as well as Distinction in Teaching Award from the UCSF Academic Senate. Also Dr. Mitrovic has received an honorary Doctorate from University of Kragujevac Republic of Serbia. Dr. Igor Mitrovic holds Jack D. and DeLoris Lange Endowed Chair in Systems Physiology.