Delling, Markus, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

PhD in Neurobiology, Centre for Molecular Neurobiology (ZMNH), Hamburg, Germany
MSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany

Featured Publications: 

Delling M*, Indzhykulian AA*, Liu X, Xie T, Corey DP, Clapham DE. Primary Cilia are not Calcium-Responsive Mechanosensors, 2016;531:656-60.

Doerner JF, Delling M, Clapham DE. Ion channels and calcium signaling in motile cilia, 2015;4:e11066.

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Zimmermann K, Lennerz JK, Hein A, Link AS, Kaczmarek JS, Delling M, Uysal S, Pfeifer JD, Riccio A, Clapham DE. Transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 5 (TRPC5) is a cold-transducer in the peripheral nervous system. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2011;108:18114-9. PMC3207667

Dong XP, Shen D, Wang X, Dawson T, Li X, Zhang Q, Cheng X, Zhang Y, Weisman LS, Delling M, Xu H. PI(3,5)P(2) controls membrane trafficking by direct activation of mucolipin Ca(2+) release channels in the endolysosome Nat Commun. 2010;1:38. PMC2928581

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Delling, M., Wischmeyer, E., Dityatev, A., Sytnyk, V., Veh, RW., Karschin, A. and Schachner, M. The neural cell adhesion molecule NCAM regulates cell surface delivery of G protein-activated inwardly rectifying potassium channels via lipid rafts. J. Neurosci. 2002;22,7154-64

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Markus Delling earned his Masters of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry from University of Hamburg in Germany before pursuing a PhD in Neurobiology from the Centre for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg (ZMNH). Afterwards, he spent time as a postdoctoral fellow with the Department of Cardiology at the Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and was a Pediatric Instructor of Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital before joining UCSF.